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Mr. Gilbert has been sucessful for 19 years and continues to have a zest to help others get their emotions in check. He has been a court expect witness for lawyers helping others regain or retain their parenting rights. 

After teaching for 14 years in the public school sector, Terry Gilbert retired early to follow his desire to help people manage and cope with their anger. Mr. Gilbert is a Certified Anger Management facilitator through Anderson and Anderson. He also is certified as a Domestic Violence Batterer’s Treatment Facilitator, where he currently continues to work with Certified Domestic Violence Programs in Modesto, Merced, Mariposa and Fresno counties. In addition, Terry is very involved in other educational programs and is employed by the Los Rios Community College District where he achieved another goal of teaching at the Community College Level becoming involved with writing Life Skills Materials and has a current book being published on the subject matter. He teaches and develops curriculm for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department for ongoing life skills and pre-employment classes for advancement of work release clients, various programs with Grant Joint Union High School District and Transitional Living. Recently, Mr. Gilbert was also elected to the American Anger Management Board of Directors (AAMPA). Terry has a Cross-Cultural Language Academic Development Education Degree and has completed courses on Drug Abuse, Psychology of Marriage, Introduction to Psychology as well as other extensive trainings and various workshops related to parenting, conflict resolution, law and ethics, emotional intelligence just to name a few. With Mr. Gilbert’s education, personal experiences and on hands training, he has become a specialist in Executive Coaching, both one-on-one and in group sessions. His passion for life and compassion for people and families shine through in all his dedication and work.

Mr Gilbert has just written a “Life Skills” manual for troubled teens
Look for this informational manual soon!!!

Capitol Anger Management Services is on the Batterers Intervention Program list in a number of counties in California certified in the State.


Adult Classes:
We offer volunteer and court ordered classes. Referrals from job related, counselors, children services, and any help programs are welcomed. Anyone interested in facilitation of the subject matter included.

Adolescent Classes:
Really, How do we expect our most precious commonalty (our children) to cope with modern day stress and problems? Empower them to learn up-to-date knowledge and in an adolescent accepted way. They help with the rules of the class and have their own input in the class. Materials used include “Controlling Ourselves” by George Anderson

Couples Classes:
The number one thing our significant other says “I learned, why won’t he/she listen to me?” Learn together how to deal with our anger and learn newest communication tools and bring back that” First Love Experience.” Good parenting techniques also included.

Parenting and Anger Management Combination Class-
High conflict resolution class approved by the family court services in Sacramento.